Alternate Way to Make Money While Traveling Without Your ‘Salesperson’ Briefcase

Who says only a traveling salesperson can make money when traveling?  As you travel, have you taken the time to meet people staying at the same resort as you? Are the places you’re vacationing providing quality facilities and activities for your family that allow you to interact with others? There are opportunities all around us that can increase your business contacts but most people may never see them. How unfortunate. One advantage of traveling is meeting new people. They can provide different perspectives and ideas which may enhance your trip. New people can open new doors for a home based traveling business owner. “Why traveling?” you may ask. Most of us love to travel. Travelers provide a large marketing segment and are a very large niche. Traveling provides new experiences, different adventures and changes your normal daily routine. Additionally, it can re-motivate you once you return home. You are much more relaxed any time you’re on vacation, your senses are focused elsewhere and they should be. You’re on vacation. Relaxed vacationers can be simpler sales for a home based travel business owner.As you are striking conversations with people you’ve never met, you’re trying to direct the course of the conversation. By listening to the information they provide, put it to work for you. Don’t oversell them, but the information they are providing during your questioning provides opportunities to casually get your information in front of them.  Opening a door is as easy as turning the handle. Examples to starting Casual Conversations: 
Find out where these people are from
What they have as an interest or hobby
How is it they decided to travel to this particular location
Have they been here before
Could they recommend things for your family to enjoy
What line of work are they in
Asking questions can generate their trust in you. Obtaining these insights enforce this trust. As the owner of a home based traveling business, this information may present you several opportunities to be making money while traveling. You aren’t selling as you would be in a sales job, however you are working for a potential sale. Listening while engaged in conversation provides information about their level of curiosity about maybe being a travel business owner.They will want to know more about you as well, so inform them. Don’t do it in a “selling tone”. You’re engaging in casual and friendly situations while you hope to peak their curiosity. Curiosity is powerful emotion and it works great when we are hoping to gain sales. You want them to give you that “explain that further” look or question, giving you permission to increase this informal discussion and further explore it in a subtle way. Opportunities present themselves in many ways when you are traveling and since you are an owner of a home based travel business, each situation can allow you to make money while traveling.Traveling conversation could be these situations: 
The cruise ship is leaving the dock and passengers are on the rail, waving. You ask the couple next to you who they are waving to, a conversation has begun. You will see them again on the ship so don’t let them go without knowing a little bit about them and also ensure they remember you.
You are around the pool at a resort and here comes a family that settles near by. Before long, the kids are playing together creating a bond between them. Work with that friendliness by beginning a conversation about the kids. Your general conversations will weave around many subjects now for the rest of the afternoon.
Golfing at the resort course, you are paired with other golfers that will engage in conversations while the golf carts meander to individual golf shots. There are opportunities here; everyone loves to talk about themselves and their successes so engage. The information you are receiving is advantageous in capturing a new contact.
Your travel business has an element of curiosity ingrained within it and this will allow for further investigation, possibly over a ’19th hole’ refreshment after the round. I believe you get the idea.Working on your home based traveling business by traveling can be an economical way to generate one or two ‘subtle’ sales. You are conducting business while traveling, by relaxing the process in which you’re obtaining beneficial information can be just another conversation while vacationing.Listening is a real talent. While vacationing, you are listening for keywords that allows you to increase their curiosity levels when you structure questions to steer the conversation. We want to know about the lives of others and many of our conversations will be about what each person does in their lives. Your questions are geared to provide a counter-point from their answers that will increase curiosity with emotion from them. Learning this art of conversation allows you to conduct business while traveling and provides you more opportunities to be making money while traveling.